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Monday, May 11th

That morning I was a bundle of nerves. Every car that went down my street, I wondered if it was the UPS truck. My friends kept calling wanting to know if the gown had arrived. By noon, I was worried if the package had been lost or delivered to the wrong house.

1:00 PM The package arrived!!!! The gown fit me like a glove. I couldn't believe it! The gown was white and was very period. It had a white overlay with embroidered and beaded flowers. The front and back overskirt panels came to a dramatic point near the bottom of the gown. At the end of these points were an Austrian crystal beaded tassel. Along the edges of the overskirt was a simulated pearl fringe. The dress had a two- foot train of silk satin.

Click below for a close-up view of gown's details:

  Front View details

 Back View details

Tuesday, May 12th

We had a trial run with the "up-do queens". Hairstylists really scare me because I have hip length hair. I think they look at me and have visions of scissors snipping. The trail run was really funny. The stylist had it in her mind to recreate Kate Winslet's Titanic hair-do with all these curls down my back. She did create that look, but I was very unhappy with it. I tried to explain that women my age did not wear their hair down during this period, but she just had to create that Kate look. My second son, Daniel, and I laughed all evening because I looked like Tammy Wynette doing Kate Winslet. We kept making up versions of "Stand by Your Man". So we came up with an idea...which really wasn't a lie. I told the stylists, my hair had to be pulled up because it was catching on the beading of the gown.

Wednesday, May 12th

Why was I invited to this gala???

A friend and I are professional dressers for a locally owned Princess Diana gown that was auctioned at Christies. The owner of the mansion is also the owner of the Di gown. This gala was a benefit showcasing the Di gown.

My friend and I went to the mansion to dress the Princess Di gown on the mannequin. A dream came true for me! I finally got to go inside the mansion. Everything in the house was covered with 3 ml plastic…the floors, the furniture, and portraits. I found out that the event was starting on the front lawn and would move into the mansion at nightfall.

The room with the Di gown was stunning. It is called the Elevator Waiting Room. The room has a full crystal chandelier, a 12-ft. high wall of gilded mirrors, a pedestal for Di, and a music stand for the violinist who would be playing music for the Princess' gown. The owner was scurrying around the house with a walkie-talkie coordinating the butlers, maids and gardeners.

When we left the house I had to go purchase shoes to go with my gown. This is the first purchase I made for the event, $30.00!

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