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Tuesday, May 5th

I received an email from a designer's firm named Rose D'Zynes. She had read my previous email to the costume list about my Fashion Crisis. Diane Barr, Rose Dzynes' owner, wanted me to be her "Walking Billboard"!!!!

Diane offered me a choice of three gowns. She asked for my body type, height and weight. She provided her phone number and asked that I call her to discuss the details.

I phoned her immediately. Diane said that she had seen my messages on the email list for the past few years and was familiar with my website, The Costume Gallery. She explained that she mainly designs high-end bridal gowns inspired from historic fashions. The type of people at the gala is her target market for her gowns.

We discussed my body type and Diane offered to loan me a $10,000 gown inspired from 1912 fashions. The number of zeros is correct, that is really TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! My heart sank to my feet.

For ONCE I was speechless. I couldn't remember the rest of what was said. I called back the next day (after the shock wore off) to get a full description of the gown. Diane said that she would also loan me a replica Titanic necklace, and evening bag. The package of treasures would arrive on the following Monday.

Wednesday, May 6th

My oldest son set up for me to have my hair styled by two ladies nicknamed the "up-do queens". They specialize in wedding and prom hairstyles. The ladies were so impressed with the story, that they offered to do my hair for free. We decided to have a trial run for the hairstyle on Tuesday and do the final run on the following Thursday. I was so excited that I was having trouble sleeping.

Thursday, May 7th

I wanted a period hairstyle to go with the 1912 inspired gown. The Curator of Manuscripts at the Valentine Museum and I researched period hairstyles through period photographs, books and magazines. The curator loaned me books and photographs to show the two stylists what the period hair looked like. Below are line drawings of how I wanted my hair to look.



Friday, May 8th

One of my best friends from college, Rodney, set me up with a makeup artist from Chanel cosmetics to have my makeup done for free. My makeup would be done after my hair was completed.

The L-O-N-G Weekend (May 9th & 10th)

I slept very little, so I decided to work all weekend. I worried and worried… would the gown fit?

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