The idea to create bubble wrap prom dress was a teenage daughter -- Her mother just helped her make it work & showed her how to cut the gores, etc.

The skirt was made like an overskirt - it laced at the back with 3 grommets per side, then was open the rest of the way down so she could split the back open to sit down and not pop the bubbles. She had a slip like garment under the outer bubble wrap skirt.

When the mother fitted (is that the proper use of that word?) it around her daughter's hips, there was about 2" too much bubble wrap on each back gore. As she (Mom) held them together they fell open at the back like reveres with the bubbles up, so there was a neat texture thing going on. All together, they had used 2" clear packing tape on the seams. The mother put one strip on each side of the fold over and also on the main body so the layers were:

The mother said, "I was careful not to smash the grommets too hard so they wouldn't cut into the tape. It was amazingly strong."

We hope you have been inspired by this mother & daughter's creativity!!!