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Children Costumed Guests

St. John's Class Play, 1965.

The Children's section of the Ball is devoted to Louise Ladnier, who made the horse costume in this picture for her son Joe. Louise was a very talented seamstress who loved to make costumes for her children. She devoted many hours to making her Halloween, Mardi Gras, and class play costumes.

Louise loved to have a reason to make costumes. She had a large bag of costumes that her children played. Louise left us and is costuming in heaven now. My family's greatest inheritance was her costume bag. Louise's grandchildren have spent many hours playing with the costume bag. All the costumes are over forty years and still in wonderful condition.

With great fondess… Penny (Keeper of the Ball)

Patrick, son of Joe, 1995

Wearing the same horse costume that his father wore in 1965.

Katie Louise, 1999 Mardi Gras

Wearing a Mardi Gras costume that Louise made 40 years earlier.

Halloween 1995

Louise made three clown costumes for her three youngest children, 35 years ago. Each costume has an elaborate ruff that is not shown here.



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